A Chris Bosh And David Fizdale Reunion Could be Upon Us

By: Brendan Smart  (@bsmart21)

Wednesday morning ESPN broke news surrounding the Miami Heat and Chris Bosh's tough break up. The NBA players Association along with the NBA settled the dispute that left Bosh sidelined since February of 2016 with blood clots in his lungs. This deal makes Bosh a free agent immediately and with the blood clots in his lungs would make him cheap on the market this offseason. So, how do Bosh and Memphis mesh?

When news broke about David Fizdale getting the Head Coaching job in Memphis this past offseason, two of his former players were first to contact him in Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. Both were almost in tears full of excitement for their old coach and friend. Fizdale, who has used Bosh as an example for "big men expanding their game," when asked about Grizzlies Center Marc Gasol shooting threes often. Fizdale, along with myself think that Bosh changed the league in terms of utilizing their big down in Miami during the core four years.

This is a perfect fit for Memphis, along with Bosh. Bosh, who is now 33 years of age could be the Grizzlies new starting big across from Center Marc Gasol. With the possibility of Zach Randolph, JaMychal Green not returning, and Brandan Wright voicing his frustration with the rotation throughout the playoffs the Grizzlies could be down three bigs heading into free agency.

Adding Bosh could add a 37 percent three point shooter over the last three seasons and 33 percent for his career. Before being sidelined due to contract issues, Bosh was playing at a high level and leading a young Heat team.

How should fans approach Bosh if he's signed? Most likely Bosh will be cheap, so if for some reason he can not play, he can be released, but high production at a cheap price is priceless. Also, we heard Fizdale talk about this throughout last season, implementing that "Championship pedigree," which Bosh has.

At this point I don't think Bosh is looking for money as much as he's looking for a fresh start at basketball, and why not Memphis? Not a long shot, but nothing is clear at this point. One thing is for certain, Bosh could lure another free agent that could help this team get over the hump that is one offensive player short.

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