Reaction: Memphis Grizzlies Part Ways With David Fizdale

By: Christian Dudley (@ChristianDudley)

Following the team's eighth straight loss, the Memphis Grizzlies have told David Fizdale to pack his bags.


The 2017-18 season continues to bring about change to the Memphis Grizzlies franchise. A few household names are no longer on the roster and now the Grizz have parted ways with their head coach, David Fizdale.

Memphis started the season with a league-best 6-1 record. Now they stand at 7-12, including eight straight losses. To make matters worse, the Grizzlies are 0-5 versus Eastern Conference opponents after dropping a home game to the Brooklyn Nets by a final score of 88-98.

Marc Gasol made a handful of very interesting quotes after the loss to Brooklyn on Sunday evening. David Fizdale held Gasol out of the fourth quarter on Sunday and the Grizzlies were unable to claw their way back into the game.

Gasol, understandably frustrated, stated "obviously you get frustrated. You take it personal." But he was not quite done. "I did get frustrated and mad."

When asked about having faith in the coaching staff, Marc did not have a favorable response.

First, he paused. Then he interjected with "we can keep looking on the sideline and try to get answers and help. They cannot help you. They just can't."

Though he mentioned the players need to be more "disciplined" and "aggressive defensively," you could tell these comments were going to spell doom for Fizdale.

But wait...there was more.

"I hate not playing. That's what I value most. If I'm not out there, I'm not valued. I'm sure they knew that would hurt me the most."

This definitely caught the ears of the Grizzlies' Front Office. The last thing the Front Office wants is to have Marc Gasol demand a trade while Mike Conley is sidelined and the team hitting an eight-game skid.

Eight consecutive losses is horrendous for a team that started off so great. However, Gasol's postgame quotes were the icing on the firing cake. Enough was enough on Monday afternoon.

The drastic move has now been made. Fizdale is gone. Now Marc Gasol must support his end of the deal. He has not been playing consistently, especially on the defensive end of the floor. Whether it is under interim head coach J.B. Bickerstaff or another figure, Marc must improve his play. Today's change shows that the Grizzlies consider this team's top leader, though Mike Conley possibly could have had a say in the decision-making process.

In short, Marc Gasol flipped his lid and the Grizzlies' Front Office listened.

What the Grizz really needs is for Marc to play with the aggression he had in his words. Gasol mentioned he was about "actions" and that words do not mean much, but it is time to hold No. 33 accountable, too. Today marks the day in which Big Spain must demonstrate true leadership. He has taken over the wheel of the Grizzlies' ship.

Though the popular topic is the clash of Gasol and Fizdale, something still must happen with the Memphis Grizzlies' General Manager, Chris Wallace.

Wallace has made more blunders than successes. While players and coaches have been slammed for shortcomings, Wallace continues to escape the chopping block. Will there be more news coming out of Memphis? Time will tell, but this adds another blemish to Wallace's résumé. After all, this was a quick firing to the latest head coaching hire.

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Marc Gasol, J.B. Bickerstaff, and the Memphis Grizzlies look to snap their losing streak on Wednesday when they travel to San Antonio to face the Spurs.

Go Grizz!

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