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Memphis Soul Kings Prepare For Their Second Season

By Anthony Sain ( @SainAsylum )

In a city that is known for it’s rich tradition in basketball as well as it’s passionate fan base, the upstart Memphis Soul Kings are ready to debut before their local fans. Members of the Central Basketball Association, a minor developmental league composed of teams mainly from the southeast region of the country, the Soul Kings are preparing for thier second season. The purpose of the league is to give players exposure to coaches and scouts for potential deals overseas, in the NBA or it’s developmental league. Last season the Soul Kings finished 4-6, losing four or their final six games; ending the season in sixth place out of seven teams. Assistant Coach Cedric Lewis spoke on some of the obstacles that he faced last season as well as how they will address them this year. “It’s a big difference. The pace of the game is a lot faster than we anticipated” said Coach Lewis. “We had a lot of players that we shuffled in and out landing deals overseas, so that kind of hurt us. We didn’t have the same team or team chemistry throughout the year so that’s why we took a couple of losses.” Coach Lewis mentioned that being that the CBA is a developmental league in which many players use the opportunity that the league presents to be seen by overseas professional teams, that it is often their biggest obstacle because guys may get called up to a more lucrative opportunity at any time. He takes pride in preparing his players for the next level, but admitted that it can come as a blow when a key player gets called up. Last season the Soul Kings had players called up overseas as well as the ABA and other pro leagues, which was something that Lewis stated was one of his greatest accomplishments.


Jordan Adams: Imprisoned Without A Fair Trial

By: Anthony Sain ( @ SainAsylum )

The 14th Amendment of the Constitution basically states that anyone that is accused of a crime has the right to a fair trial before they are subject to the punishment suitable to the violation. There is no comparable rule in the NBA unfortunately which has lead to rookie guard Jordan Adams playing among the least amount of minutes of all first round rookies this season. Chip Williams of shared the specifics on this by stating that only Joel Embiid (injured for the season), Julius Randle (injured for the season), Dario Saric (overseas), Bruno Caboclo, Clint Capela, Bogdan Bogdanovic (overseas) & Josh Huestis (NBA D-League) are the only first round rookies that have played less than Adams. He also stated that both TJ Warren and Doug McDermott have both nearly doubled Adams in minutes played this season. Doubled. A first round pick drafted number 22 overall played in only 30 games this season averaging about 8 mins per game. This lack of playing time from a player that has shown signs of the ability to score of the dribble, shoot from long range and be a playmaker is frustrating when you are a fan of team that lacks well..scoring, shooting and playmaking. Seeing Adams’ rookie season be seemingly wasted away has led myself among others to adopt the #FreeJordanAdams hashtag in verbal protest of the unjust imprisonment of our high upside shooting guard.


The Growl Towel: A Reflection Of Our Town

By Anthony Sain (@ SainAsylum )

I was asking questions on Twitter the other day about what I remember being my first ever Growl Towel. It was a white and blue one that the team debuted on opening night of the inaugural season in the FedEx forum on November 3, 2004 in a home opening loss against the Washington Wizards. I was quickly reminded by a few of my followers that the Grizz also had Growl Towels in the Pyramid, with the first being handed out during the 2004 playoffs against the Spurs. This also made me think about how important the Growl Towel is to Grizz Fans, which is proven by the many fans that created shrines for them in their homes whether it be by simply tacking them to a wall, framing them, or hanging them from their roof or awning to show drivers-by that they have officially entered Grizz County, TN.