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Reminiscing on 'GNG' with Marreese Speights

By: Christian Dudley (@ChristianDudley)

With "Mo Buckets" himself, "Blu3 World Order" looks back at the days Marreese Speights spent with the Memphis Grizzlies.


The Memphis Grizzlies Look to Cool the Miami Heat

By: Brendan Smart (@bsmart21)

When the Memphis Grizzlies and Miami Heat come together, in Summer League or the Regular season they always seem to make it a game. Both teams in their own respectfully way rebuilding. Saturdays third round matchup is going to be one of the toughest test the Grizzlies have faced throughout their unbeaten run in the 2017 Summer League.

Today, second year play Deyonta Davis will have his hands full around the basket. Davis will have the pleasure of guarding Bam Adebayo, who I see as their only threat. Other guys to note, Okaro White a forward who is averaging 41%, and 18 points per game is another guy to watch for.


Memphis Looking To Sweep in the Unbeaten City

By: Brendan Smart  (@bsmart21)

When you go to the city of Las Vegas, do you ever really win? Gambling, drinking, and very little eating doesn't sound like a healthy win, right? The Memphis Grizzlies are looking to change those odds.

Going a strong (3-0) in the three preliminary games, the Grizzlies earned a first round bye for the tournament. Entering the Vegas tournament with 60-1 odds to win the championship, Memphis is looking to upset the Vegas system.