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End Of An Error: Tigers Hope That Next Era In Coaching Is A Better One

By: Anthony Sain ( @ SainAsylum )

Everyone in the city of Memphis is buzzing after former University of Memphis Head Coach; Josh Pastner left town in search of greener pastures and a fresh start at Georgia Tech. Pastner, who was stilled owed roughly $10.6 million by the school from his existing contract had his contract issue resolved at less than $2 million dollars in an agreement that in every definition of the word let Memphis off of the hook. Georgia Tech, who is currently paying contracts for two former coaches outside of Pastner, has shown to be rather frivolous and maybe foolish when it comes to making decisions on spending money on coaches. This was not a problem to Memphis of course, as in one surprising swoop; the Yellow Jackets helped the Tigers fix one of the most egregious errors in school history – one that can’t be repeated this time around.


Is Penny the Future for the Tigers?

By: Connor Dunning ( @ @CDunning901 )

The love-hate relationship between Memphis and Josh Pastner ended when Georgia Tech hired Pastner as their head coach on Friday. The hire, seen as a win for all parties involved, leaves the head coach position vacant at Memphis for the first time since John Calipari was hired by Kentucky seven years ago. When the announcement was made, Memphians reacted with excitement and hope for the future of the program. Weaved within the excitement and best wishes to Pastner were rumors of who may be the next head coach. Gregg Marshall and Penny Hardaway were two names consistently mentioned. Each would bring something different to Memphis, but who would be the best fit?


Was Pastner Wrong To Place Blame On Students For Attendance?

By: Connor Dunning ( @ CDunning901 )

Monday Josh Pastner made controversial statements regarding the University of Memphis’ student attendance at men’s basketball games. When asked about the declining attendance Memphis has seen this season during their home games, Pastner responded by saying Memphis has “one of the worst student-attended arenas in the United States of America.”