Tennessee Titans Will See 2016 Playoffs

By: Brendan Smart (@ BSmart21)

I sat down following the Tennessee Titans big win against the Green Bay Packers to analyze the chances the Titans have at making it to the playoffs.

While the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans have seven games left, the Titans will only have six. The Colts and Texans both have had their bye weeks, and the Titans will have theirs in week 13. The Titans currently trailing the division leading Texans by two games have a very favorable schedule coming up, but like everything in the NFL the Titans will have to be consistent.

My end of season standings
Tennessee Titans: (9-7)
The Titans have exceeded expectations and then some for this season. Like I predicted before the season started, they are still in a weak AFC South and it's up in the air. They will lose two of their last six, and those losses will come at home against Denver and in Kansas City. I thought they would lose these two games due to one on one matchups. I think that the division comes down to a home game in Nashville on January 1st when the Texans travel to town. Houston has struggled on the road, and the Titans have learned what home field advantage means again. Mark the final game on the schedule on your calendar- a must watch.

Houston Texans: 8-8

The Houston Texans have seemed to shut down the hype. Big offseason free agent Brock Osweiler was signed to complete an offense that has struggled for years. Osweiler has underperformed, and even at 6-3 at the moment Texans fans know that there team isn't successful all around. I predicted the Texans lose five of their last seven games against Green Bay, Oakland, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Tennessee. Houston plays four of their last seven on the road two of which are against division rivals, and the other two are at .500 or above. Defense has been hot and cold all season, and had shown signs, but similar to the Titans hasn't been consistent on both sides.

Indianapolis Colts: 7-9

I predicted the Colts to finish 3rd in this scenario for one reason, they've underperformed all season. They are either running away with games or searching for offense. There key losses in their final seven games will come against Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, and Oakland. Andrew Luck needs mode targets around him, and a better offensive line. Their defensive secondary shows signs of no chemistry at all. The Colts, this season, we're way overhyped.

Again, there are 7 weeks left in this NFL season, but as of right now, these predictions seem to be the most accurate. Things will happen, upsets will take place, but in terms of matchups this is my final seven games prediction.

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