Brandin Cooks Becoming A Titan Makes Sense

By: Brendan Smart (@Bsmart21)

Last season the Tennessee Titans gave up some left over draft picks for the second leading rusher in the league this season in Demarco Murray. Almost a year to the date (March 9th, 2016), but Murray wasn't producing in Philadelphia. Can General Manager Jon Robinson make another splash?

News broke early Thursday morning that the New Orleans Saints have been in talks with the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Titans about a possible deal to send Brandin Cooks to one of the two teams. The Saints are in need of an upgraded defense, and have the 11th draft pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Word is that the Saints want the Titans 18th overall draft pick this season.

Cooks, who appeared in 16 games, caught 78 passes, racked up 1,173 yards, averaged 15.0, and 8 of those passes were eight touchdowns. Cooks stats would've beat every Titans receiver in 2016. Adding Cooks to a three wide out set that includes, Rishard Mathews, and Tajae Sharpe could improve an already solid offense. Adding weapons around the young sniper, Marcus Mariota could be deadly for opposing teams.

Now, this sounds like a very even trade that would improve both teams, and if the Titans are able to gain a second or third round draft pick, it's a steal. The Titans could get rid of some loose ends (expiring contracts), and gain some cap space with a Cooks having one year on his rookie deal. Even giving away the 18th draft pick, the Titans still have room at pick number five to move around. Whether it be a trade, add depth at wide receiver, or look for secondary help.

No question the Titans need Cooks, but in the end it will come down to what Robinson wants to give up in return. Cooks talent would be excellent on this team, and giving up one of the two first picks would be solid, especially the 18th. Getting a second or third in return would be great. Hopefully we find out in the coming days.


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