Number Five Draft Pick Yet to Be Signed

By: Brendan Smart (@Bsmart21)

When the Tennessee Titans were on the clock a few months back in the 2017 NFL Draft, they took a wide receiver out of Western Michigan.

Corey Davis, the 6'2, 210 pound wide out has yet to sign a contract with the Titans. The first question is, how long will he hold out? Next, do Titans fans need to worry? Lastly, did the Titans get their wide receiver for the future? I've got the answers.

To answer n the first question, I don't think it'll be longer than a week. Remember when third year quarterback Marcus Mariota was getting his rookie contract? They couldn't get the small things worked out. Things like "surfing in the offseason" are the small things in these contracts that force players like Davis and Mariota to hold out.

Next question, should the fans be worried? Absolutely not. Here is why: The Titans need Davis in that receiving core, specifically starting, so if the money side is done, as well as years to his contract, figurative language isn't anything. Davis wants to be on the field, and General Manager Jon Robinson does as well, both sides will cave soon, and Davis will be at camp soon.

Lastly, did the Titans get their wide receiver for the future? I would love to think so. He has the perfect size at 6'2 and can take the hits and still catch passes. Not to mention his speed is excellent. The problem with young wide receivers of the past and the Titans I was their ego, and Davis doesn't seem to have that. He raved through the draft process about Mariota being his favorite quarterback. I doubt he really has a big ego

Look for Davis to be signed in the next week, or even sooner. Things like this don't get dragged out for long, especially the figurative language side to deals. Small things like this get compromised on pretty quickly. Look for Davis to be at camp soon, Titans fans!


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