Defense playing Better Than the Offense? Titans Looking to score in Day Four

By: Brendan Smart (@Bsmart21)

It has been two days since rookie wide receiver Corey Davis signed his first NFL deal, that has been the highlight of the Tennessee Titans offense since camp started on Saturday.

Tennessee Titans Head Coach Mike Mularkey took to the podium to a dress the media following the first padded practice on Monday afternoon. "A lot of rookies making drops, I've been really pleased with our defense the last three days," Mularkey says.

Let me help translate what Mularkey is saying. The defense has numerous guys fighting for playing time, so they're rising to the occasion the last few days. Guys like second year Safety Kevin Byard, looking to take seventh year player Da'Norris Searcy's job. "He doesn't look like a guy heading into his second year. Some of the calls he makes are very very good," Mularkey when asked about Byard. Then the number two cornerback position job as well as rotation spots for corner are on the line. The last thing I saw on the second corner starter, they had Leshaun Sims playing it, and I like it. A consistent player who is progressing well, why not start him and show him the way. Behind Sims there will most likely be Brice McCain, and Adoree' Jackson. A really solid cornerback crew.

Coming back to the offense, the offense is clearly the more talented side if the ball. Since camp started first year Titan wide receiver Eric Decker has been putting on a show. A show so good that I'm ready to call him the number two wide receiver. I think that Decker has proven he still has consistent hands, along with route running, and can help Marcus Mariota in the passing game this season, not to mention Decker is really good on edge run blocking. I just don't think rookie Corey Davis is ready. I said it in previous blogs, but it still stands true today, he has all of the talent, but has to figure out how to use it in the NFL. It's a process Davis is going to have to be patient with if he wants to be a great wide out in the NFL. "Taywan is one of those guys that will be in the slot when we spread them out" Mularkey said when asked about rookie Taywan Taylor's progression through camp.

Day four will take place tomorrow at Saint Thomas Sports Park in Nashville. Follow @blu3worldorder for training camp updates, and myself @bsmart21 for opinions and live alerts throughout camp.


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