Tennessee Titans Looking To Break A Five Year Streak

By: Brendan Smart (@bsmart21)

The Tennessee Titans took care of the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, but can they take care of their division in week four.

The Titans and Houston Texans have a heated rivalry stemming from the Titans time in Houston as the Houston Oilers. Then, there was the time former Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson ripped former Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan's helmet off. Since that moment the Titans haven't won on the road against Houston.

The last time the Titans won in Houston was on the first day of the year 2012. The quarterback? Matt Hasselbeck, the Veteran threw two touchdowns, one to former wide receiver Donnie Avery, and then a gane winner to former Titans wide out Nate "the great" Washington.

It doesn't seem like it has been five years, but it has. Even though it has been five years, the Titans still hold the all-time advantage against the Texans at (16-14).

Fast forward five years later, the Titans are projected to win the AFC South (if they take care of their division), and Houston is looking stronger than expected. Both teams have made drastic improvements to counter one another.

Marcus Mariota has faxed the Texans only once on October second of last season. Mariota stats for that contest: 13/29 for 202 YDS and one INT. It's only one matchup, but Mariota has to be key on Sunday for the Titans to win.

On Sunday, the Titans defense is going to be key. Containing rookie stud Deshaun Watson, and containing their rushing attack. If the Titans defense can be consistent throughout the game, they give themselves a chance to win.

I think the lack of film of Mariota against Houston's defense helps, but he will have to tackle their defense early. The Titans offense as a whole have to be a first half team on Sunday. In their first three games, the offense has scored 25 points in the first half. The attack has to come sooner, and has to have consistency.

Consistency, something the defense needs to learn too. Yes, the defense has been great when the score has been tight, but majority of points given up by the defense has come when the Titans take the lead.

Both teams have their pros and their cons. One things for certain, both of these teams have been inconsistent over the stretch of five years. The two teams look really solid in 2017, but I wouldn't place a bet on this matchup. Both teams are (2-1), but both teams have their flaws. Sundays game will come down to clock management, defense, and execution. Simple as that.

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